Nick Mamatas is the author of the Stoker and International Horror Guild first novel finalist Move Under Ground (Night Shade/Prime, 2004), Under My Roof (Soft Skull, 2007), and Sensation (PM, 2011); Bullettime is forthcoming from ChiZine in August.

Novella Northern Gothic (Soft Skull, 2001) was a Stoker long fiction finalist. The Damned Highway (Dark Horse, 2011), with Brian Keene, mashes up Lovecraft and Hunter S. Thompson. Cthulhu Senryu (Prime, 2006) is a chapbook of Lovecraftian haiku associated with his first novel.

His short fiction collections are 3000 MPH In Every Direction at Once: Stories and Essays (Wildside, 2003) and You Might Sleep … (Prime, 2009), which includes "At the End of the Hall" in Best New Fantasy (Wallace, ed.) and "Real People Slash" in the 2006 Horror: The Best of the Year (Wallace and Betancourt, eds.). 2008 Stoker short fiction finalist "The Dude Who Collected Lovecraft," with Tim Pratt, is in New Cthulhu (Guran, ed.). Other short fiction is in Jack Haringa Must Die! (Kaufman, ed.), New Dark Voices II (Keene, ed.), Lovecraft Unbound and Supernatural Noir (Datlow, ed.), Last Drink Bird Head (VanderMeer and VanderMeer, eds.), Phantom (Tremblay and Wallace, eds.), Dark Faith (Boraddus and Gordon, eds.), Bewere the Night (Sedia), Demons (Skipp, ed.), Future Lovecraft (Moreno-Garcia and Stiles, eds.), The Revelator, Asimov's, Dark Discoveries, Bull Spec, Apex,, Nature, Clarkesworld, Innsmouth Free Press, Weird Tales, Heliotrope, Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet, sub-TERRAIN, Lenox Ave., Fortean Bureau, Per Contra, Brain Harvest, Fantasy, and Brutarian Quarterly, and in comic book form in Flesh For The Beast (Pamplone, ed.) . His uncollected erotic fiction is in Short & Sweet (Hemmingson, ed.), Fucking Daphne (Gottlieb, ed.), The Mammoth Book of Threesomes and Moresomes (Alvarez, ed.), and Fishnet.

Nick's reportage and essays on politics, publishing, popular culture, and art have appeared in Razor, The Village Voice, Silicon Alley Reporter, Mr. Beller's Neighborhood, Artbyte, Poets & Writers, The Writer, Pages, The Writer's Chronicle, In These Times, Clamor, Rue Morgue, The Guardian (UK), in various Disinformation Books and Ben Bella's Smart Pop anthologies, and in dozens of other magazines and anthologies. With Kap Su Seol he translated and edited the first English edition of the definitive account of South Korea's 1980 Kwangju Uprising (and subsequent US-backed massacre), Kwangju Diary (UCLA Asian Pacific, 1999). His book on surviving as a writer, Starve Better (Apex, 2011), was a Stoker nonfiction finalist. Insults Every Man Should Know (Quirk, 2011) is part of their Pocket Companions series.

As an editor, Nick is responsible for The Urban Bizarre (Prime, 2004), Spicy Slipstream Stories with Jay Lake (Lethe, 2008), Stoker winner and World Fantasy and Shirley Jackson finalist Haunted Legends with Ellen Datlow (Tor, 2010; he was a Hugo long form editor finalist for that year), and The Future is Japanese (Haikasoru, 2012) with Masumi Washington. He co-edited the monthly online magazine of the fantastic, Clarkesworld, from its 2006 inception through July 2008; it was a Hugo semiprozine finalist that year, and the editors were World Fantasy finalists (Special Award—Non-Professional). With his successor Sean Wallace, he has co-edited the annual Clarkesworld anthologies Realms (Wyrm, 2007) and Realms 2 (Wyrm, 2010).

A native New Yorker, Nick now lives and teaches writing in the California Bay area.