David Malki ! is a cartoonist, humor writer, and anthologist. Most recently, he co-edited and contributed to Machine of Death (2010, Bearstache Books), a short-fiction collection that became a surprise bestseller and internet phenomenon thanks to an innovative grassroots campaign. His comic-strip collections include Dapper Caps & Pedal-Copters (2010), Clever Tricks to Stave Off Death (2009), and Beards of our Forefathers (2008), all from Dark Horse Books. Beards of our Forefathers was a 2008 Eisner Award nominee for Best Humorous Publication, as well as a 2008 Harvey Award nominee in multiple categories, including the Special Award for Humor. His comics and humor have also been collected in The Annotated Wondermark (2005, Bearstache), Hey World Here Are Some Suggestions (2010, Bearstache), and the Victorian-parody trilogy Dispatches from Wondermark Manor (2007), Voyage from Wondermark Manor (2008), and Return to Wondermark Manor (2009), all from Bearstache. He has also contributed work to the anthologies MySpace Dark Horse Presents Vols. 2, 4, and 5 (Dark Horse Books); I Saw You: Comics About Real-Life Missed Connections (2009, Random House); Hair'em Scare'em (2010, Gestalten); Lumberjacks: A Field Guide (2010, ed. Venable/Ways); and The Devastator Quarterly (2010, ed. Golden). His short story "Fever" was published in audio by Pseudopod in 2008, and he has other short stories which have won minor writing competitions, but my God is anybody reading down this far? His next collection of Wondermark comics, Emperor of the Food Chain, and a new Compleat Dispatches from Wondermark Manor edition are both forthcoming in 2011, with Machine of Death Volume 2 forthcoming in 2012.

David lives in Los Angeles with his wife Nikki, a special-effects makeup artist.