Kelly Link is the author of three short fiction collections. Stranger Things Happen (Small Beer, 2001) was a World Fantasy finalist and includes 1997 Tiptree winner and World Fantasy short fiction finalist "Travels With the Snow Queen," 1998 World Fantasy short story winner "The Specialist's Hat," 2000 World Fantasy short fiction finalist "Shoe and Marriage," and 2001 Nebula novelette winner "Louise's Ghost," as well as "The Girl Detective" from the 13th The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror (Datlow and Windling, eds.) and "Most of My Friends are Two-Thirds Water" from The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror 13 (Jones, ed.). It is available online as a free download under the creative commons copyright.

Magic for Beginners (Small Beer/Harcourt, 2005) was a Locus winner and World Fantasy, Stoker, and International Horror Guild finalist, and includes 2003 World Fantasy novella finalist "The Hortlak," 2004 Hugo, Nebula, and Locus novelette winner and World Fantasy and British SF short fiction finalist "The Faery Handbag," 2004 Sturgeon finalist "Stone Animals," 2005 Stoker long fiction and Locus short story finalist "Some Zombie Contingency Plans," and the title story, a 2005 Nebula and Locus novella and British SF short fiction winner and Hugo, World Fantasy, and Sturgeon finalist; as well as "Lull" from the 16th Datlow and Windling Year's Best and "Catskin" from Year's Best Fantasy 4 (Hartwell and Cramer, eds.)

Pretty Monsters (Viking, 2008) was a World Fantasy and Locus finalist and includes the 2008 Locus novella winner title story, as well as "Monster" from the 6th Hartwell and Cramer and "The Wizards of Perfil" and "The Constable of Abal" from the 1st and 2nd The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year (Strahan, ed.). It also reprints "The Faery Handbag" and "Magic for Beginners." "Sea, Ship, Mountain, Sky," with Gavin J. Grant, is in the 14th Datlow and Windling Year's Best, "Origin Story" and "Light" are in the 1st and 2nd Best American Fantasy (VanderMeer and VanderMeer, eds.), "The Cinderella Game" and "Valley of the Girls" in the 4th and 6th Strahan Year's Best, and "Secret Identity" and "The Summer People" (a current Shirley Jackson novelette finalist) in the 2010 and 2012 The Year's Best Science Fiction and Fantasy (Horton, ed.) . Other uncollected short fiction is in The Apocalypse Reader (Taylor, ed.), A Wolf at the Door (Datlow and Windling, eds.), and Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet. "Two Houses" has just appeared in Shadow Show: All New Stories in Celebration of Ray Bradbury (Castle and Weller, eds.).

With her husband Gavin J. Grant, she edited the fantasy half of The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror (St. Martin's) and edits the 'zine Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet, as well as running Small Beer Press; see Gavin's entry for a full bibliography of their collaboration, for which they have won three awards and been a finalist a dozen other times. She lives in Northampton, Massachusetts.