Shariann Lewitt ("Shariann," and the first syllable rhymes with "far", not "hat") is the author of First and Final Rites (Ace, 1984), USSA#2 and #4 (Avon, 1987), Angel at Apogee (Ace, 1987), Cyberstealth (Ace, 1989), and its sequel Dancing Vac (Ace, 1990), Blind Justice (Ace, 1991), Cybernetic Jungle (Ace, 1992), and Songs of Chaos (Ace, 1993). Memento Mori was published by Tor in 1995, Interface Masque by Tor in 1997, and Rebel Sutra by Tor in 2000. Succubus and the City and its sequel Succubus Takes Manhattan, written under the name Nina Harper, were published by Del Rey in 2008.

With Susan Shwartz, she wrote Whitewing (published as Gordon Kendall, Tor, 1985). Her short fiction has appeared in Perpetual Light, (ed. Alan Ryan), Habitats (ed. Susan Shwartz), Magic in Ithkar #2 (eds. Robert Adams and Andre Norton), Friends of the Horseclan (eds. Robert Adams and Pamela Crippen-Adams), Tales of the Witchworld #2, (ed. Andre Norton), Counter-Attack: The Fleet, Book 2 (eds. David Drake and Bill Fawcett), Breakthrough: The Fleet, Book 3 (eds. David Drake and Bill Fawcett), Carmen Miranda's Ghost is Haunting Space Station 3 (ed. Don Sakers), Newer York (Lawrence Watt-Evans), and Battlestar Book One (eds. David Drake and Bill Fawcett). Her most recent publication is the French translation of the story "A Real Girl," which in its original form may be found in Bending the Landscape, Vol.2 (eds. Nicola Griffith and Stephen Pagel). She lives in the Boston area.