John Edward Lawson is the author of four collections of poetry: The Scars Are Complimentary (Rack & Ruin, 2002), The Horrible (Naked Snake, 2005), Stoker finalist The Troublesome Amputee (Raw Dog Screaming, 2006), and The Plague Factory (Meat Hook, 2007). His novels are Last Burn in Hell (Raw Dog Screaming, 2005) and New Mosque City (Rack & Ruin, 2010), and his short fiction collections are Pocket Full of Loose Razorblades (Afterbirth, 2005), Discouraging at Best (Raw Dog Screaming, 2007; finalist for the Wonderland Award for Bizarro Fiction), and, with Dustin LaValley, Lawson vs. LaValley (Raw Dog Screaming, 2011).

His chapbooks include, with Christopher M. Danaher and Jennifer C. Barnes, Skin for the Bloodless (Rack & Ruin, 2001), Angelina Jolie Ate My Left Testicle (bizarrEbooks, 2002), Three Pieces Guaranteed to Rot in Your Drawers (bizarrEbooks, 2002), Just Kill Me (bizarrEbooks, 2002), and Psyche Noir (Raw Dog Screaming, 2004). In 2003 Avant Pulp published his serialized novella The Despicable Voyeur. His first short story, "Expectations of the Needy," was a 2001 winner of the Fiction International Emerging Writers competition and nominated for the Pushcart Prize. His most recently published work of fiction is the novelette "The Curious Urologist" in Ice Picks (Michaels, ed.).

His illustrated A Child's Guide to Death (with Dustin LaValley, Darin Malfi, and Mark Sullivan) (Raw Dog Screaming, 2008) has been very popular on the horror convention circuit. The sequel, A Child's Guide to Prison, was slated for publication in late 2011 until the publisher decided the project was "too over the top." While he has written many works for hire very few receive bylines, the most notable of which are the "Where Are They Now?" section of National Lampoon's Animal House 29th Anniversary Edition, and the "Goatman of Prince George's County" section of the Weird Maryland travel guide.

As an editor he presided over The Dream People literary journal of the bizarre for four years, after which he and his wife founded Raw Dog Screaming Press, which is in its ninth year. Anthologies he has edited include Of Flesh and Hunger (Double Dragon, 2003), A Slap in the Face: The Bizarre Authors Strike Back (bizarrEbooks, 2003), Sick: An Anthology of Illness (Raw Dog Screaming, 2003), A Razor Ocean (Meat Hook, 2004), A Kick in the Nuts (bizarrEbooks, 2004), and Tempting Disaster (Raw Dog Screaming, 2005).

Forthcoming work includes the nonfiction anthology Miseducation of the Writer, co-edited with Chesya Burke and Maurice Broaddus (Guide Dog, 2012), the poetry collection SuiPsalms (Raw Dog Screaming, 2012), and the novella/art book Verminomicon: A Field Guide to the Vermin of Yuggoth, Infesters of a Haunted World (Raw Dog Screaming, 2012).

He lives in the suburbs of Washington, DC with his wife, the editor and author Jennifer C. Barnes, and his son Ripley, who is named after Ellen Ripley of Alien fame.