Lissanne Lake is a full-time illustrator primarily in the SF and gaming fields, having done over a hundred book covers, her most recent SF/fantasy piece is the upcoming frontispiece to Julian Comstock from Easton Press. In addition to color work for companies such as TSR, Doubleday, Upper Deck, and HarperPrism, she has done extensive magazine and advertising work, as well over 400 cards for various collectible card games, primarily Doomtown, Warhammer 40K, Middle Earth, and Mythos. January 2001 saw the release of the Buckland Romani Tarot deck from Llewellyn Books, jointly designed by Lissanne and Raymond Buckland, and containing a deck's worth of new full color paintings of hers (that's one shy of eighty, counting the card back!). It was just recently republished by Galde Press in May of 2008.