Theodore Krulik's encyclopedia of the late Roger Zelazny's Amber series, The Complete Amber Sourcebook (Avon Books, 1996), is still the most exhaustive reference book on that revered series. Through his literary biography, Roger Zelazny, published by Frederick Ungar Inc. in 1986, Krulik made accessible to the enthusiast the famed author's personal concerns. For the first time, aficionados discovered the sources in Zelazny's own life that inspired his writing.

Krulik was the moderator for the 2012 Readercon panel entitled "Mary Shelley's Frankenstein and Expanding Our Knowledge." He is a distinguished scholar who completed his Master's thesis on a textual, critical, and biographic study of Shelley's famous novel and, in this year's Readercon program book, has written a new appreciation of Mary Shelley that examines her writing life beyond Frankenstein.

Currently, Krulik is writing a science fiction novel about a young man who becomes a famous novelist through his superior mental power over others.