Nicholas Kaufmann is the author of the Stoker finalist novella General Slocum's Gold (Burning Effigy, 2007) and the Shirley Jackson and ITW Thriller finalist novella Chasing the Dragon (ChiZine, 2010). He also wrote the 3rd book in the Gabriel Hunt series, Hunt at World's End (Dorchester, 2009; Titan Books rerelease, 2014), Dying Is My Business (St. Martin's Griffin, 2013), and Die and Stay Dead (St. Martin's Griffin, forthcoming September 2014). He is the editor of Jack Haringa Must Die! Twenty-Eight Tales of Madness, Terror and Strictly Grammatical Murder (Merricat, 2008), a fundraising anthology on behalf of the Shirley Jackson Awards in which Jackson Advisory Board member Jack M. Haringa meets ever more colorful demises at the hands of numerous notable authors, including Laird Barron, Paul G. Tremblay, John Langan, and Craig Shaw Gardner.

Kaufmann's short story collections are Walk In Shadows: Collected Stories (Prime, 2003) and Still Life: Nine Stories (Necon E-Books, 2012). His Lovecraftian jazz story "The Rest Is Noise" appears in the anthology Dark Fusions: Where Monsters Lurk! (PS, 2013), and his Rocketeer story "The Mask of the Pharaoh" will be appearing in The Rocketeer: Jet-Pack Adventures (IDW, forthcoming 2014). Other short fiction has appeared in The Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica Vol. 3 (Jakubowski, ed.), The Best American Erotica 2007 (Bright, ed.), Shivers V (Chizmar, ed.), Cemetery Dance, City Slab, and All-American Horror of the 21st Century: The First Decade, 2000-2010 (Castle, ed.).

He wrote popular monthly columns on the horror and dark fantasy genres for two websites, Fear Zone and The Internet Review of Science Fiction. In addition, his non-fiction has appeared in On Writing Horror (Castle, ed.), Dark Scribe, Annabelle, Fantastic Metropolis, Hellnotes, and Rue Morgue. He has served on the Board of Trustees for the Horror Writers Association and is a member of the International Thriller Writers.

Outside of writing, he has been professionally immersed in books for most of his adult life, as the Publicity Manager for a small literary press, a pitchman for a widely respected PR firm specializing in TV and radio author appearances, a bookstore clerk, an independent bookstore owner (the late, lamented Tell-Tale Books in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn), a manager for Barnes & Noble, and a development associate for a top literary and film agent. He currently lives in Brooklyn, NY, with his wife and two ridiculous cats.