Matthew Jarpe is the author of Radio Freefall (Tor, 2007). He also wrote a few short stories printed in pulpy digest magazines that have most likely deteriorated into mulch by now, but one of them, "City of Reason," made it onto a slightly higher grade of paper in the form of Hartwell and Cramer's Year's Best SF 11. When he's not writing hard sf, Matt works as the Associate Director of Biology at Surface Logix, a tiny pharmaceutical company in Brighton. He lives in Quincy, Massachusetts with his wife Michelle Morris, their son Sam, and an English Setter named Gambit who is tired of being mistaken for a long haired Dalmatian. Aside from science fact and fiction his personal obsessions include beer, World War I, punk (with or without cyber or steam), and barbecue. Bringing up any of these topics is sure to start him talking, although just giving him beer also has that effect.