Elaine Isaak's recent publications include thriller novel Bone Guard Two: the Nazi Skull as by E. Chris Ambrose and the long-awaited author's cut of her first novel, The Singer's Crown. 2018 saw the release of Elisha Daemon (DAW), the fifth and final volume in The Dark Apostle series about medieval surgery written as by E. C. Ambrose. The series comprises Elisha Barber, Elisha Magus, Elisha Rex and Elisha Mancer, plus several related short works. As E. Chris Ambrose, she also published international thriller Bone Guard One: The Mongol's Coffin, in which an ex-special ops officer follows a musical map to Genghis Khan's tomb. Completed novels include Asian-set epic fantasy Drakemaster, YA SF A Wreck of Dragons, and secondary world fantasy The Forest of Bone, which features rat shapeshifters who experience conservation of mass. She's also written non-fiction for Clarkesworld and Writers' Digest.

The initial release of The Singer's Crown (Eos, 2005) was followed by The Eunuch's Heir (Eos, 2006) and The Bastard Queen (Swimming Kangaroo, 2010). Her stories have appeared in anthologies such as Warrior Women (Prime Books, 2016) and Fantasy for the Throne (Gray Rabbit, 2018), as well as the Tales of Bladesend novellas Joenna's Ax and Winning the Gallows Field. Under several names, she has published in and edited volumes of New Hampshire Pulp Fiction from Plaidswede including Love Free or Die; Live Free or Ride, about the venerable Concord Coach stagecoach; and Live Free or Dragons.

Elaine is a graduate of, instructor at, and critiquer for the Odyssey Speculative Fiction Writing Workshop. Her short stories have received notice in the Boskone Short Fiction Contest, Tenebris Press Flash Horror contest, and Ray Bradbury Short Story Award. Elaine lives in New Hampshire where she creates wearable art clothing when she isn't climbing the walls at the rock gym.