Elaine Isaak's latest publication is Elisha Rex (DAW, 2015) book 3 in The Dark Apostle series written as E. C. Ambrose, beginning with Elisha Barber (DAW, 2013), and continuing in Elisha Magus (DAW, 2014). Connected works, "The Burning" (Penguin e-short, 2014) and novella Grail Maiden (Rocinante, 2015) round out the series, and she is currently finishing the fifth and final volume. Her other work-in-progress is a silkpunk epic entitled Drakemaster, about a Lithuanian bellmaker seized by the Mongol army and pressed into service to make cannons, which may be outdone by a clockwork doomsday machine. Flash horror story "Custom of the Sea" won the 2012 Tenebris Press Flash Fiction Contest. E. C.'s articles "The Romance of Ruins" (April, 2012) and "Spoiler Alert!" (January, 2013) have appeared in Clarkesworld Magazine.

Under her own name, Elaine is the author of the fantasy novel The Singer's Crown (Eos, 2005), its sequel The Eunuch's Heir (Eos, 2006), and The Bastard Queen (Swimming Kangaroo, 2010). "The Princess, the Witch and the Watchmaker's Heart" appeared in Escape Clause: A Speculative Fiction Annual (ed. Clelie Rich, Ink Oink Press, 2009). "The Disenchantment of Kivron Ox-master," was reprinted in Prime Codex (ed. Schoen, Paper Golem, 2008). Her story "Joenna's Ax" in Clash of Steel Book 3: Demon (ed. Armand Rosamilia, Carnifex Press, 2006) is set in the same world as novella "Winning the Gallows Field" (Elysian Fiction, 2002) and both are available online as part of the "Tales of Bladesend" novella series. As Elaine Isaak, and as Leah Brent, she has published in several volumes of the New Hampshire Pulp Fiction series. She also edited Love Free or Die (Plaidswede, 2014), volume IV in that series, and the forthcoming volumes V Live Free or Ride, about the venerable Concord Coach stagecoach, and VI, Live Free or Dragons.

Elaine is a graduate of and instructor for the Odyssey Speculative Fiction Writing Workshop, and her short stories have received honorable mentions from the Boskone Short Fiction Contest and the Ray Bradbury Short Story Award. Elaine lives in New Hampshire with two lovely children and a very supportive spouse. She creates wearable art clothing when she isn't climbing the walls at the rock gym, and has finally found an instrument she loves to play: taiko.