Jeff Hecht is a free-lance science and technology writer and correspondent for the global science weekly New Scientist, where he covers topics from planetary science and lasers to dinosaurs. When inspiration strikes, he writes the occasional short fiction. His most recent fiction has been on the "Futures" page in Nature and Nature Physics and in the anthologies Impossible Futures, Extreme Planets, and the new Deco Punk. Earlier stories appeared in Analog, Asimov's, Daily Science Fiction, Interzone, and Twilight Zone. Earlier anthologies include Year's Best Horror X (Wagner, ed.), Great American Ghost Stories, New Dimensions 8 and 9 (Silverberg, ed.), Vampires (Yolen and Greenberg, eds.), Alien Pregnant by Elvis (Friesner and Greenberg, eds.), Visions of Tomorrow (Dial and Easton, eds.), and Futures from Nature (Gee, ed.).

He also is a contributing editor to Laser Focus World, a laser-industry trade magazine. His nonfiction has appeared in many magazines, including Optics & Photonics News, Analog, IEEE Spectrum, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, Cosmos, and Technology Review. His most recent books are Understanding Lasers, 3rd edition (IEEE Press/Wiley, 2008) and BEAM: The Race to Make the Laser (Oxford University Press, 2005). His current adventures in self-(re)publishing include Beam Weapons: The Next Arms Race, looking back at Reagan-era "Star Wars" defense schemes, and Understanding Fiber Optics, an 800-page tutorial tome. He holds a B.S. in electronic engineering from Caltech and an M.Ed. in higher education from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. He lives in Auburndale, Massachusetts with his wife Lois.