Daniel Hatch has published more than twenty pieces of short and long fiction in Analog, Absolute Magnitude, and elsewhere over the past ten years. He writes hard science fiction that concentrates on difficult human problems with strong characters and well-imagined social backgrounds. He is also an editor at the Journal Inquirer, a daily newspaper in north-central Connecticut, with twenty years of newspaper experience. He lives in the Forest Park section of Springfield, Massachusetts with his wife, Faith Thompson, and their dog, Sam. His first story, "The Scout Post," appeared in Analog in May 1990, part of a series that included "Den of Foxes" (Analog, Dec 1990), "Den of Sorrow" (Analog, March 1991), and "Den of Wolves" (Analog, July 1991). "Intervention at Hellas" (Analog, May 1991) was the first piece of another series, which included "City of Dreams" (Analog, Jan. 1992), and "The Human Art" (Absolute Magnitude, Summer and Fall 1995). His latest stories include "Seed of Reason" (Analog, April 1999) and "Seed of Destiny" (Analog, Jan 2003).