Nancy C. Hanger ( has been a freelance writer and editor for the last 24+ years, specializing in science fiction and technology, including books and articles about computers and the Internet, as well as health-related issues. She was the production manager and a contractor for Baen Books for over 16 years. Her book production company, Windhaven Press (, provides editorial consulting, development, and prepress production for mainstream publishers, including HarperCollins, Simon& Schuster, St.Martin's Press, DAW Books, Penguin-Putnam, and Bantam Books, among many others. She lost count many years ago, but has professionally copyedited, edited, proofread, consulted on, typeset, designed, or just generally fooled around with over 2,000 books since beginning her freelance career.

Her health-care book, The First Year: Lupus — A Essential Guide for the Newly Diagnosed, was published in late 2003 by Marlowe & Co. and is currently in its second printing. She has been contributing editor for and a stringer reporter for Wired News. She was the developmental editor and coauthor for The Internet World Guide to Essential Business Tactics for the Net (Wiley), and has been a developmental/reviewing editor for other Internet-oriented books such as Phillip Greenspun's Phillip and Alex's Guide to Web Publishing (Morgan Kauffmann).

In her copious spare time she is a consultant in online community development and navigability, formerly in management and consulting for several of the top three portal companies.

She currently lives in southern New Hampshire with her husband, three cats, and over 12,000 books in an 18th-century farmhouse and barn that have been completely renovated (read: we are now unequivocally house-poor). She is a compulsive knitter.