Leigh Grossman is an editor, writer, reviewer, and college instructor. In addition to teaching writing and science fiction at the University of Connecticut (and online), he has written or co-written nine books, including The Red Sox Fan Handbook (Rounder Books, 2005), The Wildside Gaming System: Fantasy Roleplaying edition (Wildside Press, 2004), The New England Museum Guide, and The Adult Student’s Guide. Grossman has also reviewed genre fiction for Absolute Magnitude, Horror magazine, and Wavelengths. He is the president of Swordsmith Productions, a book production company (and onetime publisher) that has done production work on thousands of books for other publishers over the past decade. Previously, he was the pre-press production supervisor at Avon Books, an editor at Byron Preiss Visual Publications/Multimedia, and a full-time college-level history and writing instructor. He lives in northeast Connecticut, or you can visit him on the web at www.swordsmith.com.