Chris Gerwel is a writer and critic of science fiction and fantasy whose non-fiction writing about the genre has been published in the Hugo-nominated Speculative Fiction 2012 ("The Circus as Fantastic Device", Landon and Shurin, ed.) and in Speculative Fiction 2013 ("'Tis the Season: What Good are the Hugos?", Grilo and James, ed.). He has written extensively about the genre at The King of Elfland's 2nd Cousin (, and his blog post "The Uses and Value of Realism inSpeculative Fiction" ( was discussed during the Readercon Blog Club at Readercon 24. Chris was a 2011 Viable Paradise graduate (VPXV), and in 2012 and 2013 volunteered as on-island staff for the workshop, and currently sits on the Viable Paradise board.

Chris lives in New Jersey with his wife and dog, where in his day job he works in the media research industry. Previously, he had lived in Europe for ten years after dropping out of college and creating a multinational online media research agency. He can be reached online via his blog ( or on Twitter(@KgElfland2ndCuz).