Jim Freund has been producer and host of "Hour of the Wolf" since 1972 and still broadcasts weekly over WBAI-FM. He is Podcast Editor of (the Hugo Award-winning) Lightspeed Magazine (which he also hosts), and Nightmare Magazine, both edited by John Joseph Adams. He is now also editing audiobooks. Jim is Producer and Executive Curator of The New York Review of Science Fiction Readings, which begins its 25th season in September.

He has been involved in producing radio programs of and about literary sf/f since 1967, when he began working at New York City's WBAI at age 13 as an intern for Baird Searles. Archives of past episodes of "Hour of the Wolf" are available on-demand for about 2 weeks after broadcast. A podcast version of new and 'classic' programs is anticipated with bated breath.

Over the years, he has produced myriad radio dramas, and long ago lost track of how many interviews and readings he has done or presented. His work has been twice nominated for, and once a winner of, the Major Armstrong Award for Excellence in Radio Production. Jim has also produced theater for the New York stage, occasionally with shocking success.

Jim lives in Brooklyn with writer Barbara Krasnoff and a myriad of stuffed toy penguins.