Carl Frederick is a theoretical physicist, at least theoretically. After a post-doc at NASA and a stint at Cornell University, he left his first love, quantum relativity theory (a strange first love, perhaps), to become Chief Scientist at a small company doing AI software. And recently, he returned to the arms of his beloved (so to speak). For recreation, he fences epee, learns languages, and plays the bagpipes. He lives in rural, Ithaca, New York. And rural is good if you play the bagpipes. He is a graduate of Odyssey SF Writers Workshop, and a Writers of the Future first place winner.

Most-recent stories include, in Analog: "The Spacemice Incident" (Jul/Aug 2003), "The Study of Ants" (Sep 2003), "Misunderstanding Twelve" (Apr 2004), "The Fruitcake Genome" (Dec 2004), "General Tso's Chicken" (Mar 2005), "Much Ado About Newton' (May 2005), "This Little World" (Jun 2005), "Prayer for a Dead Paramecium' (Jul/Aug 2005), "The Speed of Understanding" (Sep 2005), "Hotel Security" (Dec 2005), "The Skeekit-Woogle Test" (Mar 2006), "The Emancipation of the Knowledge Robots" (Apr 2006), "The Door That Does Not Close" (Jun 2006), "The Teller of Time" (Jul/Aug 2006), "Man, Descendent" (Nov 2006), "Double Helix, Downward Gyre" (Jan/Feb 2007), "A Higher Level of Misunderstanding" (May 2007), "A Zoo in the Jungle" (Jun 2007), "Yearning for the White Avenger" (forthcoming), "The Engulfed Cathedral" (forthcoming); in Asimov's: "We Are the Cat" (Sep 2006), "Leonid Skies" (forthcoming); in Baen's Universe: "Weredragons of Mars" (Jun 2007), "Concentration of Dogs" (Aug 2007). ESLI: (reprints—all in Russian translation): "The Study of Ants" (Mar 2005), "Prayer for a Dead Paramecium" (Jun 2006), "We Are the Cat" (Jan 2007), "Man Descendant" (Nov 2006), "A Zoo in the Jungle" (forthcoming).