L. Timmel Duchamp (“Timmi”) is the author of several novels and a good deal of short fiction, as well as the publisher of Aqueduct Press. She has been a Guest of Honor at WisCon and Armadillocon, and has twice been a finalist for the World Fantasy Award for her work with Aqueduct Press (2013, 2017). In 2010 she received The Neil Clarke Special Achievement Award. Her novella “Living Trust” (Asimov’s, 1999) was a finalist for the Nebula and Homer awards, and her story “Dance at the Edge” (Bending the Landscape, 1998) was a finalist for the Sturgeon Award. She received a special Tiptree Honor for her five-novel Marq’ssan Cycle (2009) and her work has appeared on the Tiptree Honor list six times, for “Motherhood, Etc” (Full Spectrum 4, 1993); “Welcome, Kid, to the Real World” (Tales of the Unanticipated, 1996); “The Apprenticeship of Isabetta di Pietra Cavazzi” (Asimov’s, 1997); Love’s Body, Dancing in Time (Aqueduct, 2004); “The Nones of Quinitilis, Somewhere on the Southwest Slope of Monte Albano” (Never at Home, 2011), and Chercher La Femme (Aqueduct, 2018). Her novella, “The Heloise Archive” (Love’s Body, Dancing in Time, 2004) was a finalist for the Sidewise Award. “The Forbidden Words of Margaret A.” (Pulphouse 8, 1990) is her best known story.

Duchamp is also the author of numerous essays and reviews, which have primarily been published in The New York Review of Science Fiction, Extrapolation, Foundation, The American Book Review, Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet, Strange Horizons, and The Cascadia Subduction Zone. For a full bibliography of her fiction and short fiction, visit http://ltimmelduchamp.com. She has edited a few anthologies and taught at Clarion West. But most of her non-writing time is taken up by her work as an editor and publisher of Aqueduct Press in Seattle, WA.