Chris Dolley is an English author of SF novels, a pioneer computer games designer, and the man who convinced the UK media that Cornwall had risen up and declared independence. His novel Resonance (2005, Baen) was the first book to be plucked from Baen’s electronic slush pile. His second novel Shift (2007, Baen) comes out during Readercon. He’s currently working on books three and four. His short fiction (“The Sleeper and the Flame”) appeared in the first issue of NFG.

In 1981 he formed Randomberry Games and designed Necromancer, one of the first 3D first-person perspective dungeon games. He also wrote the most aggressive chess program ever seen—in COBOL, on a teletype. The program was given special permission to enter the 1978 Home Office Chess tournament where it won its first match, drew its second and had to be dragged off its opponent in the third.

When chairman of Plymouth Charities Week he formed the Free Cornish Army and convinced the UK media that Cornwall had risen up and declared independence—a stunt so successful that the 1974 General Election result was pushed off the front page. Customs posts were set up on every bridge into Cornwall and the money raised donated to charity. The story was later written up in the legendary humor magazine Punch.

He now lives in France with his wife and a frightening collection of animals.