Randee Dawn is an author and journalist; mom to a sweet West Highland Terrier; and coiner of the word "fency," which she hopes you will begin using on a regular basis when you are unsure about a thing. She published her collection of dark speculative fiction short stories, Home for the Holidays, in 2014, and in 2009 spent an inordinate amount of time watching Law & Order: SVU in order to co-author the definitive book on the show, The Law & Order: SVU Unofficial Companion. Her short fiction has popped up in a number of publications and podcasts, including 3AM Magazine ("The View of My Brother's Profile in the Rear-View Mirror," "Warm, In Your Coat") and Well-Told Tales ("Home for the Holidays," "Can't Keep a Dead Man Down").

More recently, two anthologies have given her work the go-ahead: "The Last Dog" will appear in the anthology published for the Writing Piazza's Beagle Freedom Project, and "Can't Find My Way Home" will be published in the Children of a Different Sky anthology. Both are expected to be out in 2017. Her first novel, The Only Song Worth Singing, is being sent around to publishers by Bridget Smith of Dunham Literary. When not making stuff up, Randee publishes entertainment profiles, reviews, and think pieces regularly in outlets including Variety, the Los Angeles Times, Today.com, and Emmy Magazine. She also blogs regularly at randeedawn.com, and after having scribbled down as many words as she can every day, she snuggles up with her aforementioned Westie and her equally adorable husband in Brooklyn. She hopes you are happy, too.