John Costello enrolled at U. Mass., Boston in 1977 as a Russian major and graduated with an M.A. in Anthropology. His M.A. paper was on obsidian hydration dating (which required him to study past climatic regimes, so he is proud to be an evil and corrupt Global Warming Denier! Ask him about the "Modern Discrepancy" if you dare!). An after-college desire to pay his bills led to retail work, occasional fiction sales as J.L. Hanna, and transations of Russian sf that all the professional editors said they liked, but, alas, there was no way they could present that to their readers.

He is now the CEO of FossickerBooksDotCom on ebay, and with Capricorn Publishing has brought out new editions of Kir Bulychev's Those Who Survive, Lafcadio Hearn's In Ghostly Japan, Charles Watts Whistler's A Thane of Wessex, and the first complete book publication ever of Erle Cox's Australian classic Out of the Silence. He spent two days of this past February at the Library of Congress recording (vocally in some cases) stories by Murry Leinster from Spicy Stories, etc. His website is