Douglas Cohen has been the assistant editor at Realms of Fantasy Magazine for the past four years. In January of 2009, Realms of Fantasy was cancelled by Sovereign Media, only to be bought two months later by Warren Lapine of Tir Na Nog Press. Douglas was retained as assistant editor, and has since been promoted to art director and nonfiction editor. To celebrate Realms of Fantasy's recent return to the wider world, he and Warren will be distributing free copies of the August 2009 issue during the course of Readercon weekend. Feel free to seek him out for a copy (while supplies last!) In 2000, Douglas attended the Odyssey Fantasy & Science Fiction Writing Workshop, and in 2001 he attended Orson Scott Card's Literary Boot Camp. His short fiction has appeared in Interzone Magazine, and in June of this year it appeared in podcast form (, where it is available for free download. Even more recently, he has accepted a position as an acquiring editor for Fantastic Books, a science fiction/fantasy/horror line interested in reprints and original works.

Douglas is an avid sports fan and lately he has been playing a lot of basketball. His jump shot still needs work, but he's slowly improving. To learn more, visit his blog: