Richard Chwedyk is a lifelong Chicagoan. He was educated in the Chicago public school system (which is to say, not much at all), Columbia College Chicago and Northwestern University, where he received an M.A. in English in 1988. His bibliography can be traced as far back as 1975, but the sf reader will find little of interest until 1986, when he entered a story in a contest sponsored by ISFiC and Windycon. His first "pro" sf story appeared in Amazing Stories in 1990; since then, his work has appeared in Space and Time, The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, and anthologies such as Animals Don't Knock!: Tails from the Pet Shop (Tina Jens, ed. 11th Hour Productions, Chicago, 1999), Cthulhu and the Coeds, or: Kids and Squids (Tina L. Jens, ed. 2001. 11th Hour Productions. Chicago), Tales From the Red Lion (John Weagley and Andrea Dubnick, eds. Twilight Tales, Chicago. June 2007), Visual Journeys (Eric T. Reynolds, ed. Hadley Rille Books, Overland Park KS. July 2007), and Hell in the Heartland (Roger Dale Trexler and Martel Sardina, eds. Annihilation Press, Carbondale IL. January 2008). His Sturgeon- and Nebula-shortlisted story "The Measure of All Things" was reprinted in the Hartwell/Cramer-edited Year's Best SF 7 (Eos Books, 2002). Its follow-up, "Bronte's Egg,' received the Nebula Award and made both the Hugo ballot and the Sturgeon shortlist. The novella was reprinted in Nebula Awards Showcase 2004 (Vonda N. McIntyre, ed. Roc Books, New York, 2004). Along with his short fiction, Chwedyk has written a fair amount of sf and sf-related poetry. "A Few Kind Words for A. E. Van Vogt" was reprinted in Year's Best SF 8 (David Hartwell and Kathryn Cramer, eds. Eos Books, 2003). "Rich and Pam Go to Fermilab and Later See a Dead Man" was a Rhysling Award nominee and appeared in the 2004 Rhysling Anthology. Other poems have appeared in the journals Tales of the Unanticipated and Snow Monkey, and the anthology Tales From the Red Lion. No books. No collections. Yet. Rumors of novels come and go. A thirty-year stretch in the newspaper business keeps him busy and anxious. Along with his writing, Chwedyk has moderated a number of critique-style workshops at conventions such as Chicon V and Chicon 2000 (where he also organized the "Writing Track" programming), Confrancisco, L. A. Con in both '96 and '06, Conadian, Bucconeer, ConJose, Torcon, Windycon and Wiscon. He coordinated the Chicon 2000 and the Torcon workshops and has run the Windycon workshops for the past seven years (or is it eight?). Recently, he led a three-day brainstorming/writing/revising workshop at Duckon, also in the Chicago area. He has taught Freshman Rhetoric and Composition at Triton College in River Grove, Illinois, and has been teaching a Short Story Writing class for the continuing education division of Oakton Community College in the Chicago suburbs. For the past thirty-one years he has been married to the poet Pamela Miller—a pretty steady gig and a good one at that. Their home, as one would expect, is a chaos.