Michael A. Burstein is the winner of the 1997 John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer. To date, he has published about 40 stories. His award-nominated stories have been collected in I Remember the Future (Apex Books, November 2008), and includes: "TeleAbsence," winner of the 1995 Analytical Laboratory Award and a Hugo nominee; "Broken Symmetry," Hugo nominee; "Cosmic Corkscrew," Hugo nominee; "Reality Check," Nebula and Sturgeon nominee; "Kaddish for the Last Survivor," Hugo and Nebula nominee; "Spaceships," Hugo nominee; "Paying It Forward," Hugo nominee; "Decisions," Hugo nominee; "Time Ablaze," Hugo nominee; "Seventy-Five Years," Hugo nominee; "TelePresence," Hugo nominee; and "Sanctuary," winner of the 2005 Analytical Laboratory Award and Nebula nominee. The book I Remember the Future is the winner of the 2008 Chronic Rift Roundtable Award for Best Anthology. Burstein is a 1994 graduate of Clarion. He has served as Secretary of Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, Vice President of the New England Science Fiction Association, and is an elected member of his local Town Meeting and Board of Library Trustees. He lives in Brookline, Massachusetts, with his wife Nomi, who works as a technical writer. In the summer of 2007, he taught as a guest lecturer at the Odyssey workshop. When not writing, he edits science textbooks and teaches with Grub Street. More information can be found on his webpage at www.mabfan.com, or on his blog, mabfan.livejournal.com.