Richard Bowes ("Rick") has four new releases this year. The Queen, the Cambion and Seven Others (Aqueduct Press, Mar 2013) consists of eight modern Fairy Tales and an essay, "The Secret History of Small Books." Minions of the Moon (Lethe Press, Mar 2013, also in e-book format) is a new edition of the semi-autobiographical 1999, Lambda Award winning novel about addiction and doppelgangers. Pieces of Minions were previously published in F&SF. "On Death and the Deuce," was included in the Datlow/Windling Years Best Fantasy and Horror #6. "Streetcar Dreams" won the World Fantasy Award for best novella in 1998. Dust Devil on a Quiet Street (Lethe Press, Jul 2013) is set mainly in Greenwich Village and consists of fourteen previously published dark fantasy tales. These have been on World Fantasy, Nebula and other short lists, have won The International Horror Guild and Million Writers awards and been included in a dozen Year's Best volumes. If Angels Fight (Fairwood Press, Sep 2013) is a short story collection. The title story, set partially in the intensely political world of 1950's Irish Boston, won the World Fantasy Award for novella in 2008, got nominated for a Nebula and was included in five Year's Best anthologies.

Bowes' earlier books are the Nebula Novel finalist From the Files of the Time Rangers (Golden Gryphon, 2005), a fix-up novel concerning Greek gods and U.S. politics. The stories appeared mostly in Sci Fiction and F&SF and include the 2001 and 2002 Nebula finalist novelettes "The Ferryman's Wife" and "The Mask of the Rex." Bowes published two earlier short story collections Transfigured Night and Other Stories (iPublish / Time Warner, 2001), later expanded into Streetcar Dreams and Other Midnight Fancies (PS, 2006) after his novella won a World Fantasy Award.

In the mid-1980s, Warner/Questar published Bowes’ Warchild (1986) and its sequel Goblin Market (1988) about telepathic teenagers on a crusade to save the parallel worlds and alternate universe. Warner/Questar also published Feral Cell (1987) about Capricorn, an alternate world, and Cancer, which is this world. Bowes began this when he discovered he had abdominal cancer and finished it as he was cured.

In the last twenty years he's published almost seventy short stories in magazines such as F&SF, Lightspeed and Icarus and in original anthologies such as After, Where Thy Dark Eye Glances, Supernatural Noir and Bloody Fabulous.