Victoria Blake is the founder and publisher of Underland Press, which is dedicated to weird, strange, odd, and unsettling fiction. Strictly, that's fantasy, dark fantasy, horror, sci-fi, slipstream, interstitial, new weird, noir, detective, action, and anything else that fits under the Underland umbrella. Underland authors include Jeff VanderMeer (Finch, 2009), Brian Evenson (Last Days, 2009), Joe R. Lansdale (The Complete Drive-in, 2010), and Martin Millar (Queen Vex, 2010). A graduate of Warren Wilson's MFA program in fiction, Victoria started Underland after three years as a prose editor for Dark Horse Comics. She came to books through newspapers, having worked as a hard news and features reporter. Most recently, she has been an art and theater critic for The Oregonian and a design reporter for Portland Spacesmagazine.

In addition to print books, Underland publishes wovels, or web novels structured around reader participation, online. The wovel project, now in its second year, has been successful enough to generate a spin-off project, Ask Victoria about the project when you see her. Victoria lives and works in Portland, Oregon.