Susan Jane Bigelow is the author of five science fiction novels from small press Candlemark & Gleam, including the Extrahumans series, including Broken (2011), Fly Into Fire (2012) and The Spark (2012), and Grayline Sisters series, which includes The Daughter Star (2013) and The Seeker Star (2014). Waking Gifts, the fourth novel in the Extrahumans series, will be published by Book Smugglers Publishing in Spring, 2016.

Susan's short story "Ramona's Demons" appeared in the Lambda Award-winning The Collection: Short Fiction From the Transgender Vanguard (Topside Press, 2012). Her story "Die, Sophie, Die" from the "Queers Destroy Science Fiction" issue of Lightspeed was recently featured on Her other short fiction can be found in Strange Horizons, The Toast, Apex Magazine, and the anthologies War Stories (Apex, 2014) and This Mutant Life (Kalamity Press, 2013).

Her nonfiction piece "Same Old Me, Different Face" appeared in the Hugo-Nominated collection Queers Dig Time Lords (Mad Norwegian, 2013). Her weekly column on Connecticut politics can be found at; she has also written for The Hartford Courant and Connecticut Magazine.

Susan lives in northern Connecticut with her wife and a herd of very fuzzy cats, where she spends her days writing and playing video games.