Laird Barron's debut novel The Croning just appeared from Night Shade Books in May. His short fiction has been collected twice, and both volumes have won the Shirley Jackson award. The Imago Sequence & Other Stories (Night Shade, 2007) was also a Stoker, International Horror Guild, and Crawford finalist and includes the award finalist stories "Old Virginia" (2003 IHG short fiction), "Bulldozer" (2004 IHG intermediate fiction), "Proboscis" (2005 IHG intermediate), "Hallucigenia" (2006 Stoker and IHG long fiction), "Procession of the Black Sloth" (2007 Jackson novella and IHG long) and the title story (2005 World Fantasy novella and IHG long). Occultation and Other Stories (Night Shade, 2010) was also a Stoker finalist and includes the 2010 Jackson novella winner "Mysterium Tremendum" and finalist stories "The Forest" (2007 Sturgeon and Jackson novelette), "The Lagerstatte" (2008 Jackson novelette), "Strappado" (2009 Jackson short story), "Catch Hell" (2009 Jackson novelette), "six six six" (2010 Jackson short story), and "The Broadsword" and "—30—" (both 2010 Jackson novelette). "The Redfield Girls" was a 2010 Jackson novelette finalist and appears in Haunted Legends (Datlow and Mamatas, eds.), while "Blackwood's Baby" appeared in the 4th The Best Horror of the Year (Datlow, ed.). Other stories appear in Jack Haringa Must Die! (Kaufmann, ed.), Cthulhu's Reign (Schweitzer, ed.), Supernatural Noir (Datlow, ed.), Blood and Other Cravings (Datlow, ed.), and The Book of Cthulhu (Lockhart, ed.).

Mr. Barron is an expatriate Alaskan currently at large in upstate New York.