Inanna Arthen (aka Vyrdolak) is the author of The Vampires of New England Series, which began with Mortal Touch (By Light Unseen Media, 2007) and continued with The Longer the Fall (By Light Unseen Media, 2010) and All the Shadows of the Rainbow (By Light Unseen Media, 2013). The fourth book, Human Services, is in progress. Inanna's most recent published work is the short story “The Fishman and His Wife,” which appears in Twice Upon an Apocalypse (Crystal Lake Publishing, 2017).

Inanna was a contributing writer for FireHeart Magazine (1987-1993), which published many of her nonfiction articles on alternative spirituality and magical paths. Her article, “Think Outside the Coffin: Writing the Vampire Novel” appeared in the Broad Universe Broadsheet in March 2008. She is a contributing writer for and has written many guest blog posts, articles, and essays.

Inanna is the owner and publisher of By Light Unseen Media, a small press dedicated to diverse and unusual fiction and nonfiction on the theme of vampires. She has studied and written about vampire folklore, media, and fact for nearly five decades. Her nonfiction article, “Real Vampires” (FireHeart 2, Fall 1987), and her 1998 monograph on Greek vrykolakas lore (“May the Ground Not Receive Thee”) have both been cited extensively by academic writers in print and online. By Light Unseen Media has published work by African-American, Jewish, and LGBTQI authors, and features books with protagonists of color, LGBTQI protagonists and relationships, Orthodox Jewish main characters, and modern Pagans.

Inanna is a member of Broad Universe, plus the New England Horror Writers, the Independent Book Publishers Association, and the Independent Publishers of New England, for which she served on the Board of Directors. A trained speaker, actor, and artist and a freelance book designer, Inanna also holds an MDiv degree from Harvard Divinity School and is ordained clergy of the Society of Elder Faiths. She has served as the openly Pagan and genderqueer minister of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Winchendon since 2013. She runs a concert band, Winchendon Winds, with her sister, Jill Nicholson Sackett. She lives on Lake Monomonac in Winchendon, MA, with five rescued cats, a room full of musical instruments, stacks of redundant computer equipment, and hundreds of books. Her website is