Mike Allen's debut collection of horror stories, Unseaming (Antimatter Press, 2014) is one of the finalists for this year's Shirley Jackson Award for Best Collection, giving him the possible pretext to come back to Readercon -- though he planned to come back anyway! With Anita Allen, he edits and publishes the Mythic Delirium Books imprint, and at Readercon 26 they will launch the first ever single-author collection of short fiction from Mythic Delirium, Bone Swans by C.S.E. Cooney.

More great news from Mythic Delirium: after a successful $12,000 Kickstarter campaign, Mike has opened to story submissions for Clockwork Phoenix 5, the latest in his critically-acclaimed, award-nominated anthology series showcasing genre-bending fiction. Mike plans to publish the book in January 2016.

Other recent and forthcoming titles from Mythic Delirium include, surprise surprise, Mythic Delirium: An International Anthology of Prose and Verse (2014) and Mythic Delirium Volume 2 (2015) both of which collect stories and poems from the magazine he's edited since 1998, also called Mythic Delirium, natch.

Aside from Unseaming, Mike's recent and forthcoming books include poetry collection Hungry Constellations (Mythic Delirium, 2014), novelette The Sky-Riders (co-written with Paul Dellinger; Mythic Delirium, 2015), dark fantasy novel The Black Fire Concerto (Haunted Stars, 2013), and sf/fantasy collection The Spider Tapestries (Mythic Delirium, forthcoming 2016). Stories and poems of his have recently appeared or will soon be appearing in Strange Horizons, Lackington's, Postscripts to Darkness, Drabblecast, Spectral Realms, Corvidae, A Darke Phantastique and The Leaves of a Necronomicon. Papaveria Press has just published a limited edition hand-bound hardcover of his horror novella The Quiltmaker, the sequel to his Nebula Award-nominated short story "The Button Bin."

You can follow his exploits as an editor at mythicdelirium.com, as a writer at descentintolight.com and as both on Twitter at @mythicdelirium.