Readercon 31

July 9–12, 2020
Boston Marriott Quincy, Quincy, Massachusetts.

Help Us! (Volunteer)

Readercon is run entirely by volunteers. We can always use more help in every area, before and during the convention. If you're new to conventions, volunteering is a great and time-tested way to meet people. There are a variety of tasks to suit many different skill sets. Work eight hours and you'll earn a free membership to next year's con.

Take a look at our volunteer "job ads" or email our volunteer coordinators if you are interested in helping out. You can also email the head of the division you're interested in working for. (A full contact list is at the bottom of this page.)

Join Us

Once you get a taste of volunteering for Readercon, you may find yourself hungering for more. We've got an incredible team that works all year round to make the convention a success. We'd love for you to be a part of that. The speculative fiction field is changing rapidly and community contributions of time, effort, and ideas are essential to keep Readercon on the cutting edge. No matter what your interests and skills are, you can contribute to Readercon. If you'd like to join the concom, safety committee, program committee, or at-con staff, please email to get started.

Meet Us

Readercon's convention committee (concom) holds meetings once a month, usually on Sundays. Anyone is welcome to attend, in person (in the Boston area) or over teleconference. Email for the day, time, and location of the next meeting and come see what makes the convention tick.


The Readercon Board of Directors:

Rachel Borman

Sioban Krzywicki

B. Diane Martin

Emily Wagner

Louise Waugh

The Readercon Convention Committee:

Sioban Krzywicki, chair

Gloria Lucia Albasi

Rachel Borman

Elizabeth Brenner

Ellen Brody

Andrea Corbin

Gillian Daniels

Richard Duffy

Rose Fox

Lisa Goldstein

Merryl Gross

Suwada Hinds

Fred Isaacs

Suli Isaacs

Dawn Jones-Low

Thom Jones-Low

B. Diane Martin

Lori Meltzer

Chelle Parker

Kim Riek

Greg Roy

Xtina Schelin

Bill Sherman

Sonya Taaffe

Emily Wagner

Louise Waugh

Nightwing Whitehead

The Readercon Program Committee:

Rose Fox, chair

Chelle Parker, assistant chair

David G. Shaw, chair emeritus

Emily Wagner, chair emerita

Xtina Schelin, Zambia developer

Rob Cameron

Meg Frank

Lila Garrott

Yanni Kuznia

Kip Manley

Mimi Mondal

Jess Nevins

Miriam Newman

Kate Nepveu

Graham Sleight

Sonya Taaffe

T.X. Watson

The Readercon Safety Committee:

Xtina Schelin, chair

Amal El-Mohtar

Laurel Hedge

D. Joan Leib

B. Diane Martin

Jean Rossner

Sonya Taaffe

Renee Thrasher

Debra Wedding

Fran Wilde

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Snail Mail:
PO Box 65
Watertown, MA 02472 (USA)

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