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Help Us! (Volunteer)

Readercon is run entirely by volunteers. We can always use more help in every area. If you're new to conventions, volunteering is a great and time-tested way to meet people. There are a variety of tasks to suit many different skill sets. Work 8 hours and you'll earn a free membership to next year's con. Let us know if you are interested in more information or would like to be added to our volunteer roster to receive e-mail updates.

Join Us

It's traditional; we always ask for help, and our highly-appreciated at-con volunteers have been crucial to the success of every Readercon. We still need at-con people as much as we ever did, but there are other needs we don't talk about as much. In that, we've been remiss.

The Readercon committee is one of the smallest convention committees we know of (for an event of our size and scope) and growing smaller. People move, lives change (in some cases, sadly, lives end). Our ranks are seriously in need of replenishment.

If the things that make the Readercon experience unique are important to you, if you think of us as more than just another stop on the convention circuit, if you'd really, really miss us if we went away, then there is certainly something you can do to help ensure the survival of Readercon!

We need people to step up and help out in almost every area of pre-convention planning; web design (forms-based especially), record-keeping, publications, program, dealers, publicity and more. Or if you've been an at-con volunteer in the past, you might want to think about managing an area you've gotten familiar with.

We're not going to lie. Putting on Readercon is serious work, some might say hard work. There is no remuneration. Obviously, no one would put time and energy into Readercon year upon year if there were no intrinsic rewards. Want to find out what they are? If you are interested, let us know about any experience or skills you might have to contribute and what you might like to do.

Meet Us

If you would like to attend a Readercon committee meeting, please contact us, telling us why and which meeting you would like to attend, and we will get back to you with the relevant location details.


The Readercon Board of Directors:

Rachel Borman

Crystal Huff

Sioban Krzywicki

Emily Wagner

Louise Waugh

The Readercon Committee:

Rachel Borman, chair

Ellen Brody

Richard Duffy

Merryl Gross

Crystal Huff

Steve Huff

Josh Jasper

Sioban Krzywicki

Dawn Jones-Low

Thom Jones-Low

B. Diane Martin

Karen Paquin

Xtina Schelin

David G. Shaw

Nicholas Shectman

Bill Sherman

Rachel Silber

Nevenah Smith

Sonya Taaffe

Emily Wagner

David Walrath

Tanya Washburn

Louise Waugh

Louis West

Nightwing Whitehead

The Readercon Program Committee:

Emily Wagner, chair

Saira Ali

Matthew Cheney

Amal El-Mohtar

Rose Fox

Jude Griffin

Crystal Huff

Mikki Kendall

B. Diane Martin

Miriam Newman

Cameron Salisbury

Xtina Schelin

David G. Shaw

Bethany Sherwood

Graham Sleight

Sonya Taaffe

Gary K. Wolfe

The Readercon Safety Committee:

Michelle Dupler, chair

Amal El-Mohtar

A.J. Odasso

Kate Nepveu

Veronica Schanoes

Sonya Taaffe

Nightwing Whitehead

Fran Wilde

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